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FREE Breakfast - Quality Management for the Legal Profession -
LAW 9000 - Best practice for your business

May 2013 Member Event

Quality management in law firms and legal departments can help to improve client satisfaction, competitiveness and improve file management and efficiency.

LAW 9000 is a Quality Management program , developed by QL Incorporated, based on the International Standard ISO 9001 Quality Management and tailored specifically for the needs of the legal profession.

This FREE Breakfast event looks at the benefits of LAW 9000 for your business.

Alongside improved Risk Management, internal processes and procedures and reduction of waste, LAW 9000 certification also entitles your legal firm to a 10% discount on Professional Indemnity Insurance from LawCover in NSW.

When: Tuesday, 21 May 2013
Time: from 8:00 AM to 10:30 AM (EST)
Where: SAI Global, 286 Sussex St, Sydney, New South Wales

The LAW 9000 event will cover:

  • Introduction - What is LAW 9000?
  • Benefits to Your Business - David Bannerman - Managing Partner Bannermans and Warrick McLean - General Manager Coleman Greig
  • Risk and its Manager with LAW 9000 - Making it easier to manage - LawCover
  • How to Start Implementing LAW 9000 in your business
  • Wrap up and Questions

Find out more about LAW 9000 - Click here
Find out more about LawCover - Click here

Click on the following link or type directly into your browser  to register with SAI Global via their registration software


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